Thursday, July 9, 2009

Momiji Madness

I am obsessed with these little ladies. Each one holds a secret message inside and comes with a matching button! They each represent a different celebration: birthday girl, lucky, hooray, sister, favourite person, and best friend. (of course "sister" is my favorite! she is the cutie with the heart.)

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Elaine said...

Hi there,

I live in Scotland, in the UK, My family and I are just back from visiting my brother in Chicago. He lives in Wicker park, and had Paperdoll ear marked as a 'must see' store on my shopping excursion. I LOVED your shop, and my 2 young sons have been talking about Maude and proudly showing off their postcards to all who will look on their return!! I hope you don't mind, I have mentioned your store and blog on the blog that I contribute to back in Scotland - are you going to have an online store?? thanks Elaine (